Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

1. the weather was perfect last week so we went on a lot of walks and he loved it...
2. but they usually ended in this and he's okay with it
3. he started imitating sounds and we get a kick out of it- sometimes we make sounds he can't figure out how to do and you can see his brain working hard trying to hard to do it too
4. hair! He might not be balled forever! up close on the top of his head he is starting to grow some
5. rolling over- he has gotten faster! One minute I am flipping him back and the next minute he is on his belly again calling for Mom to come save him. Sometimes he gets his arm stuck and that is when he really calls for help.
6. he is sleeping A LOT better but we don't have it down to perfection yet

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