Friday, July 20, 2012


This past week my family drove down to Arizona to visit my grandmother who is 93 years old.
Austin is her first great grand child and she and him deserved to meet each other.
They were both smitten with each other.
Austin loved her pearl necklace and Great Grandma loved everything about him.
We don't know when we will get a chance to visit her again so we had to take a 4 generation picture.

We really enjoyed our visit and it was good to see and hear that Grandma hasn't lost her sense of humor. She cracks me up with the things that come out of mouth.
While we were there we also did some site seeing.
My oldest brother is moving to Mesa so we went and checked out his new job and take a picture with this beautiful building...

The Arizona sun prevented us from looking our best ;) Austin was the only smart one to look away...
We also had the chance to see the Gilbert Temple from the freeway. It is beautiful and huge! It reminded me so much of the DC Temple about how all of a sudden you are going down the freeway and this beautiful, large building suddenly appears... gorgeous.
It will be dedicated next year!
Our trip to Arizona was short and memorable, and I can't wait to visit again... but maybe next time not in the middle of summer! 

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Mike said...

I know that Gary has officially matured quite a bit when most of the pictures you post of him are in a polo. I don't think Gary owned a collared shirt outside of church clothes when we were roomates.