Monday, July 23, 2012


At Sonic today (of course!).
Sitting in the indoor area.
Holding Austin, who is being super cute and attracting attention from a lady in her early 40s.
She ask, "how old is he?" - Me, "6 Months"
 "is he your first?"- "Yes"
"Oh yeah, I can tell with that nice cone head he has."- ....................................

something you should never tell a mother of a 6 month old


Erinn Meyer said...

Oh my goodness... His head isn't even kind of cone shaped!!!! What a weird thing to say. Maybe you and I should come up with some really shocking responses to say these people.

Holly said...

LOL, I can't believe she said that! How mean. Austin is ADORABLE. So I just spent an hour reading though tons of your posts...We should have had a crying party the day we moved in....I felt the EXACT same way! ; ) I'm glad, it's feeling more like home now though! P.S. Blake played with the magnetic pom pom all morning yesterday!