Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

1. army crawled for the first time
2. met Great Grandma Rai and he was a big hit!
3. rode on his first airplane ride and cried the whole time before and during take off, I had him sucking his binky and that seemed to help with his ears but he still would grab them, well he fell asleep and stayed asleep until we had to get out of seats to get off the plane

4. got 6 month shots and only cried for a couple seconds until I gave him a bottle- funny thing, the kid know the sound of me making a bottle! While he was being entertained by a toy I quickly made a bottle out of his site so I could give it to him right away after shots, well the minute I started shaking it to mix it he started looking everywhere and panting like he does when he sees it...since he couldn't find the bottle he started crying because he knew it was there and I wasn't giving it to him! smart kid
5. weighs 16.5lbs  24%
height 27.25 in    73%
head 17.5 in  80%...know wonder he is smart ;)

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