Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

1. he stopped doing his "yoy" noise and is back to smacking his lips- I am so glad we caught it on camera- if you want to see what I am talking about go to Gary's fb page
2. the babbling phase has started, just last night he was saying "ma ma ma" and Gary and I both wonder if he knows what he is saying because he only does it when he needs to be saved- it warms my heart...now we are working on "da da da"
3. we bought him a booster seat so now he can sit at the table with us at dinner, it has been our saving grace! We can actually eat and finish our meal without Austin going nuts!
4. don't let this smile fool you! as I mention before Austin loves bath time and he is finally doing some real splashing but he HATES getting dressed, it is a nightmare and I am not quite sure what to do about it because going naked in our house is just not acceptable. By the time I am done torchering him he is completely sobbing and so upset...I am so worried with the more mobile he gets the more naked bum I will see
5. so I thought I'd finally talk about Austin's side pony tail. Many people notice it and asked what it is and like to poke at it. At birth we thought it was an "owey" from delivery, because it looked like a scab. Well, the scab fell off and we noticed no hair was growing there, which would be normal if it was a scar. However, the hair around the scar grows extremely fast and is thicker then the rest of his head. So, being concerned I asked my pediatrician what she thought it was and she sent a picture of it to a dermatologist. Thankfully, it is not cancer and is just nervous tissue that snuck its way out. So Austin has 2 brains and a side pony tail...which maybe one day we will stop cutting it every month and grow it out and braid it :)

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