Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

1.Something clicked and he finally waves, kind of. If I wave then he will copy me so I count it:)
2. He would always clap with his left fist closed. Gary and I tried numerous times to open up that pesky little hand so he could really clap and it never worked. Well, I don't know what happened but one day he all of a sudden claps with both hands open!
3. Sweet potatoes, bananas, carrots, green beans, and peaches didn't even phase him.
4. The dang runny nose is back but other then that he acts fine.
5. Gary and I agreed that we need to start weening Austin from bottle feedings at night. He isn't allowed a bottle until after 1am. He's been waking up at around 11pm wanting food and he shouldn't be hungry so he cried it out one night and now he doesn't wake up until after 1am. Only problem is he still wakes up again around 3-5am wanting another bottle(this feeding requires me to rock him back to sleep) and sometimes he will wake up again at 6am ready for the day if not then he is always awake by 7am. Can I just vent for a second and say I am burnt out... o.k. I won't go on but I really could but that might involve some tissues and a pillow.
Side Note: Last night didn't go so well. He woke up at 10pm screaming bloody murder (never had done that before) and we gave in and gave him a bottle.... is our problem that we are too nice?
6. Dropped him off at Child Watch in the YMCA and I was really nervous about it. I haven't had any one babysit Austin except family. I was only going to be gone for 40 minutes and I am right there if they need me so I decided it would be good for both of us. Well, according to the lovely ladies that work there(so nice! starting to love these Iowans!) he was great up until 10 minutes before I got him. He started melting down from exhaustion and this older woman just cuddled him and walked around. Lets just say Austin still loves me and I plan on doing it again and again.
7. My kid is growing a mohawk...I am so excited about it!!
8. Mom learned her lesson and he isn't allowed to do this anymore. (I won't go in to detail why, just use your imagination)
 9. He got his own package in the mail the other day with lots of fun things! Thanks Grandma Kaye!!!


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

(these are phone pics)
1. Tried squash and apple sauce as his first veggie and fruit. HE HATED IT! He would get this disgusted look on face and then lower his head down and shake. It was really funny and thankfully he now eats both without problems. Time to move on to sweet potatoes and bananas!
"Another bite for you Mom, but only for you"
2. The kid pulled himself up on our foot rests to his knees. I tried to grab the camera real fast but he came down before I could turn it on. He later then pulled himself up on the couch. And on Monday he pulled himself up out of tub. Here comes trouble!
"Check me out Mom! I am now all up in your space!"
3. His scooting abilities have really picked up, he is getting faster and faster.
4. My child who used to love walks now cries 20 minutes into them and wants me to carry him.
5. Loves stuff animals! Went to Target and there were all these stuff animals and so we started playing and he would just giggle and giggle. He likes the animals that have easy access things to chew...like hard nose or horns.

"Can I keep him Dad? Please!"
6. And I must document that he had his first big "owie" this past week. Poor kid couldn't stand waiting any longer while I making his bottle and decided he was going to scoot to me. Well, he was sitting up so he had to lean forward to get to the scoot position and land his right cheek into our cabinet. It scraped up pretty well and had a small bruise but it is already gone. I guess many more "owies" will continue to follow as he gets more independent...our mobile as others call it.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Corn Fest

The small town of Adele has a corn fest every year and it is a huge hit among our new LDS friends.
Except this year.
If you haven't heard about the horrible drought Iowa is in and how the corn is suffering then now you know.
So they limit each person to only 2 ears.
Which was fine and everyone understands.
So we followed behind our friends and drove out to Adele to become a true Iowan.
(the fair was just a pre-test)
It was a really fun thing to attend on Gary's last stress free day.
And the corn was delicious.

The Rhodehouse's

The Haskells

And cute Austin- who got to lick the butter off Mommy's corn so he didn't miss out.
A local described Corn fest as a day to "eat as much corn as you can and get drunk"
We aren't in Utah anymore.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Iowa State Fair

Iowa is known for it's fair.
They actually believe it is the best fair in the country.
So we decided to see what all the hype was about and to introduce ourselves into becoming an Iowan.
Austin loves people watching (he gets it from his parents) and so he was entertained the whole time.
We started off by taking it all in.
They had all the usual carni rides, games, and fatty food stands...but we thought that was all it was because at the time we couldn't see anything else.
Boy were we wrong. 
Pulled out the map and realized we had only touched 1/10 of the fair.

Farm animals was a place on the map I really wanted to go because I thought Austin would like it.
So we mapped it out and headed on our trek.
On our way we started to comprehend a little more how huge this fair was.
There were over thousands of food stands selling stuff you'd probably would just die over.
Never in my life did I think you could get fried butter.
I had to document it....wow
 After all the mayhem we made it to the farm animals...and talk about thousands of animals.
They had them in 4 large buildings.

Then it was time to eat and we meet up with our friends Blair, Kate, and Brock for some yummy bbq.

After stuffing our face we decided the Iowa Fair just wouldn't be complete if didn't eat something fried so we decided we'd all split the fried oreos!
They were soooo good, but with every bite you could just hear your heart saying "DIE DIE DIE".
So we all only ate one and felt like we truly felt like we had complete Iowa State Fair experience.

can you see Austin drooling over it?
We finished the night by playing a few of the money stealing games.
The Iowa State Fair did live up to all the hype and I will say it was the largest fair I had been too, especially since we probably only saw 3/10 of it before we left.
We came home exhausted and happy.
Can't wait for next year!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

Warning: big post...he is at a cute stage that I have hard time not including everything
1. must be teething again. long days and nights this week.
2. then got a cold after a day of happiness and then he was back to being miserable- I actually used the nose sucker...poor thing hated it
3. started sleep training back up again because we kind a dropped the bat last month. Instead of rocking him until he is completely out I just sing a couple of primary songs while I rock him and then put him down. The first time he cried for 30min until falling asleep (I cried too), then 15min, then 5min, and now nothing! He just falls asleep on his own! It is a miracle!!!

(now if we can get him to sleep through the night, uggg)
"why are you waking me up for a picture?"
 4. total fish! Our complex has a pool so I took him a couple times this past week and he had the biggest grin while splashing me and him! Maybe being a month older helped?
"Mom, the sun is in my eyes"

This is Austin's cute friend, Brock.

5. when you walk through our front door we have a square piece of hard flooring before carpet, well Austin loves that corner of the floor! We think it is because the shoes are right there and he can turn really fast on it.

Monday, August 13, 2012

First Day of Medical School

And so it begins.

7 Months

6 Months

7 Months
and more because these are just too cute not to post

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Good Byes/Move

We kicked off our move with a good bye party at the Hills,
unfortunately it was one of those times I didn't take a single picture.
So to sum it up we had good, tasty food that included steak and watermelon.
Austin must have known it was a farewell party because he cried the whole time or at least that's what we used as an excuse for his tears.
The next goodbye included saying goodbye to Grandma Kaye and Aunt Ash and Beth.

Then came moving day.
Loading box, after....box,
after box,
after box.
Then came the furniture and those moments were crazy so no pictures of that part of the move.
We managed to only tear a little hole in our couch and break one leg of the cedar chest.
(both are repairable)
I call that pretty successful for armature movers.
Then it came time to say goodbye to Aunt Lindsey.
It was pretty hard but no tears were shed and we are looking forward to Christmas so Austin can have date nights with Linz again!!
The Hills showed up to help us move and I was really grateful for Andrea's help with the cleaning.
It was 7pm, I was hot, tired, mentally exhausted, my baby had been neglected, Gary and Dad were in no shape or had any desire to clean, so Andrea cleaned!!!!
By 8pm we were saying goodbye to the Hills.
Now a sad picture because we were really sad.
Then it was off for a goodnight sleep for the next long day ahead.
This is us on Wednesday morning outside the home we lived in saying goodbye.
The sun was blaring and I just couldn't open my eyes and again...Austin was the smart one and just looked away.

We then got in our car and my Dad got in the Uhaul and we watched the mountains disappear as we drove further and further away from our home for 4 years.