Saturday, August 18, 2012

Corn Fest

The small town of Adele has a corn fest every year and it is a huge hit among our new LDS friends.
Except this year.
If you haven't heard about the horrible drought Iowa is in and how the corn is suffering then now you know.
So they limit each person to only 2 ears.
Which was fine and everyone understands.
So we followed behind our friends and drove out to Adele to become a true Iowan.
(the fair was just a pre-test)
It was a really fun thing to attend on Gary's last stress free day.
And the corn was delicious.

The Rhodehouse's

The Haskells

And cute Austin- who got to lick the butter off Mommy's corn so he didn't miss out.
A local described Corn fest as a day to "eat as much corn as you can and get drunk"
We aren't in Utah anymore.

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