Sunday, August 12, 2012

Good Byes/Move

We kicked off our move with a good bye party at the Hills,
unfortunately it was one of those times I didn't take a single picture.
So to sum it up we had good, tasty food that included steak and watermelon.
Austin must have known it was a farewell party because he cried the whole time or at least that's what we used as an excuse for his tears.
The next goodbye included saying goodbye to Grandma Kaye and Aunt Ash and Beth.

Then came moving day.
Loading box,,
after box,
after box.
Then came the furniture and those moments were crazy so no pictures of that part of the move.
We managed to only tear a little hole in our couch and break one leg of the cedar chest.
(both are repairable)
I call that pretty successful for armature movers.
Then it came time to say goodbye to Aunt Lindsey.
It was pretty hard but no tears were shed and we are looking forward to Christmas so Austin can have date nights with Linz again!!
The Hills showed up to help us move and I was really grateful for Andrea's help with the cleaning.
It was 7pm, I was hot, tired, mentally exhausted, my baby had been neglected, Gary and Dad were in no shape or had any desire to clean, so Andrea cleaned!!!!
By 8pm we were saying goodbye to the Hills.
Now a sad picture because we were really sad.
Then it was off for a goodnight sleep for the next long day ahead.
This is us on Wednesday morning outside the home we lived in saying goodbye.
The sun was blaring and I just couldn't open my eyes and again...Austin was the smart one and just looked away.

We then got in our car and my Dad got in the Uhaul and we watched the mountains disappear as we drove further and further away from our home for 4 years.

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Erinn Meyer said...

Well that's the hardest part. Congrats for getting through!!