Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Iowa State Fair

Iowa is known for it's fair.
They actually believe it is the best fair in the country.
So we decided to see what all the hype was about and to introduce ourselves into becoming an Iowan.
Austin loves people watching (he gets it from his parents) and so he was entertained the whole time.
We started off by taking it all in.
They had all the usual carni rides, games, and fatty food stands...but we thought that was all it was because at the time we couldn't see anything else.
Boy were we wrong. 
Pulled out the map and realized we had only touched 1/10 of the fair.

Farm animals was a place on the map I really wanted to go because I thought Austin would like it.
So we mapped it out and headed on our trek.
On our way we started to comprehend a little more how huge this fair was.
There were over thousands of food stands selling stuff you'd probably would just die over.
Never in my life did I think you could get fried butter.
I had to document
 After all the mayhem we made it to the farm animals...and talk about thousands of animals.
They had them in 4 large buildings.

Then it was time to eat and we meet up with our friends Blair, Kate, and Brock for some yummy bbq.

After stuffing our face we decided the Iowa Fair just wouldn't be complete if didn't eat something fried so we decided we'd all split the fried oreos!
They were soooo good, but with every bite you could just hear your heart saying "DIE DIE DIE".
So we all only ate one and felt like we truly felt like we had complete Iowa State Fair experience.

can you see Austin drooling over it?
We finished the night by playing a few of the money stealing games.
The Iowa State Fair did live up to all the hype and I will say it was the largest fair I had been too, especially since we probably only saw 3/10 of it before we left.
We came home exhausted and happy.
Can't wait for next year!

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