Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

Warning: big post...he is at a cute stage that I have hard time not including everything
1. must be teething again. long days and nights this week.
2. then got a cold after a day of happiness and then he was back to being miserable- I actually used the nose sucker...poor thing hated it
3. started sleep training back up again because we kind a dropped the bat last month. Instead of rocking him until he is completely out I just sing a couple of primary songs while I rock him and then put him down. The first time he cried for 30min until falling asleep (I cried too), then 15min, then 5min, and now nothing! He just falls asleep on his own! It is a miracle!!!

(now if we can get him to sleep through the night, uggg)
"why are you waking me up for a picture?"
 4. total fish! Our complex has a pool so I took him a couple times this past week and he had the biggest grin while splashing me and him! Maybe being a month older helped?
"Mom, the sun is in my eyes"

This is Austin's cute friend, Brock.

5. when you walk through our front door we have a square piece of hard flooring before carpet, well Austin loves that corner of the floor! We think it is because the shoes are right there and he can turn really fast on it.

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