Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

(these are phone pics)
1. Tried squash and apple sauce as his first veggie and fruit. HE HATED IT! He would get this disgusted look on face and then lower his head down and shake. It was really funny and thankfully he now eats both without problems. Time to move on to sweet potatoes and bananas!
"Another bite for you Mom, but only for you"
2. The kid pulled himself up on our foot rests to his knees. I tried to grab the camera real fast but he came down before I could turn it on. He later then pulled himself up on the couch. And on Monday he pulled himself up out of tub. Here comes trouble!
"Check me out Mom! I am now all up in your space!"
3. His scooting abilities have really picked up, he is getting faster and faster.
4. My child who used to love walks now cries 20 minutes into them and wants me to carry him.
5. Loves stuff animals! Went to Target and there were all these stuff animals and so we started playing and he would just giggle and giggle. He likes the animals that have easy access things to hard nose or horns.

"Can I keep him Dad? Please!"
6. And I must document that he had his first big "owie" this past week. Poor kid couldn't stand waiting any longer while I making his bottle and decided he was going to scoot to me. Well, he was sitting up so he had to lean forward to get to the scoot position and land his right cheek into our cabinet. It scraped up pretty well and had a small bruise but it is already gone. I guess many more "owies" will continue to follow as he gets more independent...our mobile as others call it.

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Katie Matthews said...

I can't believe that he is moving so much. Here comes the test to see how well your house is "baby proofed".