Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

1.Something clicked and he finally waves, kind of. If I wave then he will copy me so I count it:)
2. He would always clap with his left fist closed. Gary and I tried numerous times to open up that pesky little hand so he could really clap and it never worked. Well, I don't know what happened but one day he all of a sudden claps with both hands open!
3. Sweet potatoes, bananas, carrots, green beans, and peaches didn't even phase him.
4. The dang runny nose is back but other then that he acts fine.
5. Gary and I agreed that we need to start weening Austin from bottle feedings at night. He isn't allowed a bottle until after 1am. He's been waking up at around 11pm wanting food and he shouldn't be hungry so he cried it out one night and now he doesn't wake up until after 1am. Only problem is he still wakes up again around 3-5am wanting another bottle(this feeding requires me to rock him back to sleep) and sometimes he will wake up again at 6am ready for the day if not then he is always awake by 7am. Can I just vent for a second and say I am burnt out... o.k. I won't go on but I really could but that might involve some tissues and a pillow.
Side Note: Last night didn't go so well. He woke up at 10pm screaming bloody murder (never had done that before) and we gave in and gave him a bottle.... is our problem that we are too nice?
6. Dropped him off at Child Watch in the YMCA and I was really nervous about it. I haven't had any one babysit Austin except family. I was only going to be gone for 40 minutes and I am right there if they need me so I decided it would be good for both of us. Well, according to the lovely ladies that work there(so nice! starting to love these Iowans!) he was great up until 10 minutes before I got him. He started melting down from exhaustion and this older woman just cuddled him and walked around. Lets just say Austin still loves me and I plan on doing it again and again.
7. My kid is growing a mohawk...I am so excited about it!!
8. Mom learned her lesson and he isn't allowed to do this anymore. (I won't go in to detail why, just use your imagination)
 9. He got his own package in the mail the other day with lots of fun things! Thanks Grandma Kaye!!!



Katie Matthews said...

I know how you feel about the night time feedings. I am trying to get Maggie down to just one feeding, but it is so hard when they wake up early. Whenever I read on facebook that someone's 4 week old just slept 8 hours straight, I want to punch them in the face. Hopefully things get better for you.

Erinn Meyer said...

I think you should vent! :) Then the rest of us who aren't moms yet will have some idea what it's really like, right?