Sunday, August 5, 2012

Very First Thoughts of Our New Life

We made it.
Nebraska is more boring to drive though than Wyoming, but maybe that's because we were so ready to be done.
Our apartment smells like a dog.
I cried.
Every corner had a couple spiders living in it.
I cried.
First thing we did was vacuum them all up and clean.
We had more people help us unload than we did packing up.
I met 3 girls all living the life I am about to join in about 2 hours.
We bought air fresheners.
The mall and every place you'd ever need is 5 minutes away-including my Pepsi station!(and it is only .69 cents!!!)
Direct TV couldn't set up so no Olympics.
A couple who helped us move in came over later and told us some "pointers" about how to live the med school life.
Another couple made dinner for us the first night on THEIR Anniversary.
The people are so nice, I've been blown away.
My Dad flew home- won't see another family member until October, so hard.
Boxes...can't walk anywhere...overwhelming...fall asleep early from pure exhaustion.
 The journey through medical school starts this Tuesday.


Nicole and Garrett said...

Oh no, you left! I'm so sad! But I'm glad everyone is nice there :) Also your hair looks really cute. Are you guys planning on seeing Dave and Erinn anytime soon?

Alyssa and Ryan said...

I'm sorry the move was tough. I'm sure you can make it great and it sounds like you have some amazing neighbors. If you ever want to get away Madison is only like 5 hours away! I'd love to get together sometime now that we both live in the midwest :)

Jodi said...

i think i've cried every day for the past two weeks since we moved. our house was pretty gross too and moving's so overwhelming.'re not alone. glad to hear you've had a lot of help and made new friends.