Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

1. can go from any position now to sitting up
2. can pull himself up on anything without help... Dad is already freaking out about the fingerprints on his flat screen tv
3. because of 2 above mentioned-my child tried to get out/fall out of his crib head first one morning- thankfully I got there in time
4. crib got lowered
5. mom decided she should find out where the closest hospital is 
6. is refusing to eat... he won't open his mouth and turns his head
7. crawled for the first time...that's right not scoot! but crawled!!!
8. running nose is back...boo!
9. loves Dad's basketball and football so Mom went out and bought him his own...but Austin size
10. has constant ring around his shirt collar of drool
11. if I let him have his sippy cup he will spit all the water out...I think he just like the cold feeling on his gums
12. he loves the baby food jars and lids-he plays with them when I try to sneak food into his mouth

13. refuses to sit or smile for any pictures now :( just wants to attack the camera or cry-so I haven't gotten out the camera much

Monday, September 17, 2012

Update on the Parents of Austin

Attention: random thoughts on what is going on-lets be honest here...I never have grammatically or coherent posts :)
 He is working so hard in school. Thankfully he is being rewarded with encouraging test scores. He has a really busy week a head of him with 3 tests coming up, one of those being his first anatomy test. Unfortunately, this comes right around his 27th Birthday. We don't have anything special planned except that he already knows what cake he wants and that is the giant Costco chocolate cake. I am so o.k. with that idea! We will probably go out to dinner of his choice and end the night with friends and cake. He is in a softball league that plays every Wednesday night and he has really enjoyed the break from studying. Austin and I have only gone to one game because they play really late at night but we had fun chatting with all the other wives and babies. Gary also plays sports with the Elder's quorum every Saturday morning, they mix it up every week so this last week was basketball. He speaks in Church in two weeks about service so even after his tests are done he gets to plan a talk the next week. He is going to share how we met... he tells it so much better then me. Anyway, studying consumes his life. Poor Austin by Friday won't go to his Dad, but by Sunday night Gary wins him over just in time for him to leave again.

I have kept busy during this new and single mom life I now live. I decided it was time to get my rear in gear and so I got a Y membership. I won't proclaim to be a fitness or health guru or even claim that I love exercising at all because I don't...I despise it. I made a goal to go 3x a week. I just jog walk mostly but I am sure a sweaty mess afterwords. No results so far that I've been hoping for... maybe by Christmas? I also made a goal to clean the whole house once a week on Tuesdays(the day I don't have a car). It had made the whole cleaning process so much easier to have a day set aside and to do it frequently because the house is never that bad! It feels more like preventative cleaning. My third goal was to find new recipes. I have found a few and crossed of many, we are picky eaters around here. My future goal is to read. I have never been a reader and now that I have my nights all by myself and with no cable or dish (we only get 3 clear channels) and I get bored. So I will take any suggestions! My first books I am going to read is the Hunger Games. Thankfully, I have at least the VOICE to watch though! Watching Adam brings me back to those good old days. Lastly, this paragraph wouldn't be complete if I didn't mention Austin. He is my little buddy. I love that kid so much and our relationship is just getting better and better. He loves me and I just love him back so much more. I am so grateful I've got him to keep me company. I love watching him grow and learn to do new things. I especially love when he smiles at me when I go and get him at of his crib. He might need me but I need him more.

So that is the random update on the Parents of Austin!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

8 Months

7 Months
8 Months

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

1. Had the worst diaper rash ever! Every time we'd wipe him he would scream bloody murder and try and scoot away. So the poor thing had to be forced still with my thigh over his body so I could get the job done. By the time I was done cleaning him, applying desitin, and putting his diaper back on he was a total mess. His face was red and blotchy and his shirt would be wet with tears. It would also take him 10 minutes to calm down after too. I felt like such a mean mother!!
2. Unfortunantly, even after the rash cleared up I am still having to put my leg over him to change his diaper. He flips over so fast and runs away with his cute little bum hanging out.
3. If he can stand he will.
4. We've had a couple of nights where he has slept great and then he makes up for it other nights.
5. Mouths/sings to the ABC song when Alphy (Austin's new stuff animal) or we sing it! Gary and I still laugh when he does it because it is so darn cute.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

1. We have introduced him to Sesame Street. He isn't totally hooked yet, but he does laugh and jump when they are on. His favorite video is "Share a cookie, maybe" by Cookie Monster...look it up, you won't regret it. Gary really likes "Elmo's got the Moves" and will make Austin dance to it. Now we always say Austin's got the Moves!
2. He will giggle and sometimes wave at babies that are on things like the diaper and wipes box.
3. I know I've mention this before but he is like my little shadow... well, he is more so since he can move. I always find him at the bottom of my feet. He has learned that if he just cries, holds, and bangs his head against my legs he will get picked up.
coming to get me

"o.k. I made it now so pick me up"

doing laundry is always more fun with little buddy!

4. Cries most times I am feeding him. No idea why except that usually he just wants the bottle and could care less about sitting in his chair and eating green beans (I don't blame him), but it just makes eating last even longer (another patience building exercise for me). And it doesn't help when he wipes it all over his face and then steals the spoon. He just sets himself up for an even more detailed clean off, which he also cries the whole time through.

5. We both got over our nasty colds. Hallelujah!
6. Peed on my carpet twice this past week as I was throwing his diaper in the trash and getting his bath ready. So before I let my feelings get the best of me I remember, "Carly, take photos of these moments because you will laugh later".
Now I am laughing.
He's so happy that I came back to take him to the bath!
7. Does the cutest facial expression! Whenever he hits his head he always make an "oohh" face. So now Gary and I always do it back to him and he'll do it again.
We have a video of it so maybe we can put it up on facebook soon.

Monday, September 3, 2012

White Coat Ceremony

{August 25, 2012 }
This Ceremony is like a graduation, but without a diploma and no extra special initials after his name yet.
Gary still has school, studying, and tests for the next 4 years.
Carly is still a single mother.
Austin is clueless.
However, it is neat to realize that all your hard work in under-grad was worth it and you got into a medical school.
The white coat does make Gary look like the real deal.
Hello future Dr. Allen!!!

So we took it as a celebration of a new beginning!
name being called
handshake with the President of DMU and receiving the pin Gary puts on his white coat

sighing his name on the Professional Integrity Code
The D.O.'s were last to go (after P.A., P.T., Podiatry).
So of course Austin was great up until it was time for his Dad to go!
Quickly I made a bottle and basically ignored him until after I got those once in a lifetime photos.
But couldn't resist this photo op.
holding the bottle with his toes!
 After all the speeches and so forth we made our way to the lobby to greet Dad and take a few more shots of the big day.
Austin was completely done by this point and needed a nap so bad!
 no two teeth smiles:(

Gary and his good friend Blair. They were in the same program at BYU and did intramurals together.
The future Doctor and his family.
Congrats Gary!
Bring on the next 4 years!