Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

1. We have introduced him to Sesame Street. He isn't totally hooked yet, but he does laugh and jump when they are on. His favorite video is "Share a cookie, maybe" by Cookie Monster...look it up, you won't regret it. Gary really likes "Elmo's got the Moves" and will make Austin dance to it. Now we always say Austin's got the Moves!
2. He will giggle and sometimes wave at babies that are on things like the diaper and wipes box.
3. I know I've mention this before but he is like my little shadow... well, he is more so since he can move. I always find him at the bottom of my feet. He has learned that if he just cries, holds, and bangs his head against my legs he will get picked up.
coming to get me

"o.k. I made it now so pick me up"

doing laundry is always more fun with little buddy!

4. Cries most times I am feeding him. No idea why except that usually he just wants the bottle and could care less about sitting in his chair and eating green beans (I don't blame him), but it just makes eating last even longer (another patience building exercise for me). And it doesn't help when he wipes it all over his face and then steals the spoon. He just sets himself up for an even more detailed clean off, which he also cries the whole time through.

5. We both got over our nasty colds. Hallelujah!
6. Peed on my carpet twice this past week as I was throwing his diaper in the trash and getting his bath ready. So before I let my feelings get the best of me I remember, "Carly, take photos of these moments because you will laugh later".
Now I am laughing.
He's so happy that I came back to take him to the bath!
7. Does the cutest facial expression! Whenever he hits his head he always make an "oohh" face. So now Gary and I always do it back to him and he'll do it again.
We have a video of it so maybe we can put it up on facebook soon.

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Katie Matthews said...

He is getting so stinkin' cute. I love how you write "real" baby stories like peeing on the carpet because it makes me smile knowing that other moms are going through the same things as me.