Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

1. can go from any position now to sitting up
2. can pull himself up on anything without help... Dad is already freaking out about the fingerprints on his flat screen tv
3. because of 2 above mentioned-my child tried to get out/fall out of his crib head first one morning- thankfully I got there in time
4. crib got lowered
5. mom decided she should find out where the closest hospital is 
6. is refusing to eat... he won't open his mouth and turns his head
7. crawled for the first time...that's right not scoot! but crawled!!!
8. running nose is back...boo!
9. loves Dad's basketball and football so Mom went out and bought him his own...but Austin size
10. has constant ring around his shirt collar of drool
11. if I let him have his sippy cup he will spit all the water out...I think he just like the cold feeling on his gums
12. he loves the baby food jars and lids-he plays with them when I try to sneak food into his mouth

13. refuses to sit or smile for any pictures now :( just wants to attack the camera or cry-so I haven't gotten out the camera much

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