Monday, September 3, 2012

White Coat Ceremony

{August 25, 2012 }
This Ceremony is like a graduation, but without a diploma and no extra special initials after his name yet.
Gary still has school, studying, and tests for the next 4 years.
Carly is still a single mother.
Austin is clueless.
However, it is neat to realize that all your hard work in under-grad was worth it and you got into a medical school.
The white coat does make Gary look like the real deal.
Hello future Dr. Allen!!!

So we took it as a celebration of a new beginning!
name being called
handshake with the President of DMU and receiving the pin Gary puts on his white coat

sighing his name on the Professional Integrity Code
The D.O.'s were last to go (after P.A., P.T., Podiatry).
So of course Austin was great up until it was time for his Dad to go!
Quickly I made a bottle and basically ignored him until after I got those once in a lifetime photos.
But couldn't resist this photo op.
holding the bottle with his toes!
 After all the speeches and so forth we made our way to the lobby to greet Dad and take a few more shots of the big day.
Austin was completely done by this point and needed a nap so bad!
 no two teeth smiles:(

Gary and his good friend Blair. They were in the same program at BYU and did intramurals together.
The future Doctor and his family.
Congrats Gary!
Bring on the next 4 years!

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Mike said...

Congrats man! I thought the white coat ceremony was pretty lame, but it is what it is. You will now be taken seriously around the hospital.