Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

1. was a Jayhawk for Halloween. I started thinking of his Halloween costume back at the end of August because now that I have a child it makes the holidays and celebrating ten times better. So I wanted him to be original and for his first Halloween I wanted to go big. I thought and thought and googled costumes like crazy. Then it finally hit me! He needs to be a Jayhawk! When I was pregnant and after I would refer Austin as baby Jayhawk to my family. I found the costume, I swallowed the price and ta-da! We have a Jayhawk!
unfortunately Austin wasn't as excited as we were for him to be a Jayhawk- he hated the top and tried all the time to take it off
2. took family photos and he was great for a 9 month old- as least that is what I told everyone- well we got them back and he is the best looking in all of them!
there will be a separate family photo post but not until Christmas
 3. don't know why I haven't mentioned this before but Austin and I are taking a baby swim class. He really loves it but since it has been so cold lately he shivers the whole time but it doesn't seem to bother him. It is pretty cute because his jaw moves non stop and he makes the shiver noise to go with it.
4. he hasn't been as bad with carseat, diaper change, and high chair lately! Oh holy goodness!
5. weekly trouble maker photos

 6. loves balloons
 7. hates green beans with a passion. Before I took this photo he was crying up a storm and throwing a fit! And then he smeared it all over his face and I couldn't stop laughing so he decided to be happy for .1 second

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

1. why haven't I put him on a swing at the park until now? HE LOVED IT! he had such a cheesy grin the whole time and why didn't I have my camera!
2. since I can't do anything alone I make him do the chores with me- so he helped destroyed my folded laundry but he absolutely loved me carrying him around in the basket and throwing the clothes out

3. quiet for too long..........

4. will push his lips into a giant kiss face when he eats something sometimes- so funny
5. will point at us- for example: when Gary gets him at of bed and they come to wake me up they stand at the end of the bed and Gary will call "momma" and then Austin will point at me
6. was a HUGE hit with the Benham grandparents and Aunts this past week. We sure do miss them already and we can't wait until Christmas.
Austin was so exhausted from our weekend that he fell asleep while Beth fed him
7. Gary and I heard this horrible noise coming from Austin's mouth one night and it sounded kinda like he had something in there that shouldn't be...well not the case just 2 new teeth that he was grinding! He cut the 2 up top but on one side...so he will have a lopsided smile:)
8. developed this huge cheesy grin- it just melts my heart how cute it is
9. had his 9 month check up
34% weight
95% height
we have a very tall and slender boy on our hands
10. everyone comments about how expressive and friendly he is for only being 9 months
11. and lets not forget he pulled the fire alarm at church on Sunday- someone wasn't paying attention while he was holding HIS child :):):):)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

1. fell down our friend's stairs and face planted and had a nice goose egg- I am positive I won mother of the year for that- broke my heart
2. scooting is a thing in the past :( I am happy he can crawl and get around better but the scoot was his signature move that everyone loved how cute it was and always commented on it...well, it will be missed
3. gives kisses-wet ones- but oh so good
 4. will stick out his tongue
5. can do the Indian chant on his own (move hand over his mouth and yell)
6. controls the game of peek-a-boo...he will cover his face with his blankie and pull it down while we say BOO!
7. The Y workers always comment about how such a great boy he is and that he is so quiet and plays by himself so well. ---Oh Austin, if only you could be that way with your Momma, but I am so happy and proud that you are nice and good for others.
Honestly, he is difficult and he LOVES his mom and can't stand it when I walk away to do anything. But I remind myself daily that he might not always want me so I must love every second of it and I do...most the time ;)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

9 Months

8 Months

9 Months

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

1. sick
2. went to the doctor and he was diagnosed with a cold and double ear infection
3. he also had really bad diarrhea- he went through 4 outfits in one day-by the last one I just put him in the bath
4. will not let me strap him in his car seat without a fight- it is really embarrassing when we out in public because he screams bloody murder that I wonder if people are staring at me and wondering if I am beating my child- no I am not, just trying to be a good mother- most the time I try to bribe him and it doesn't work
5. visited Dad at school and we all enjoyed the break
can't you tell by his face he is not feeling well :(

6. will not no matter how hard we try sit straight in the grocery cart- always sitting sideways or halfway falling over- we gave up on trying to fix him because he prefers it that way- I am sure it is because he wants to see what's ahead of him

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

1. gags on anything solid we try to feed him-which is then followed by throwing up-the minute he starts gagging I quickly grab anything to save his clothes...usually it is my own hand
we keep introducing solids(like those baby puffs and cut up green beans) hoping one day it will click that he has to chew or maybe it is a nasty reflux?
he has a dr. appt at the end of the month so we might be discussing why my kid can't eat big kid food
2. whenever I touch/lock the front door he thinks I am opening it and when I turn away he melts down-he loves being outside or eating the grass...followed by #1 above
3. whenever I do open the door he scoots like his life depends on it and will stick his little head out the door-followed by this...
playing outside!
4. he can now grab my legs and pull himself up
5. my kitchen has turned into his first playground