Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

1. sick
2. went to the doctor and he was diagnosed with a cold and double ear infection
3. he also had really bad diarrhea- he went through 4 outfits in one day-by the last one I just put him in the bath
4. will not let me strap him in his car seat without a fight- it is really embarrassing when we out in public because he screams bloody murder that I wonder if people are staring at me and wondering if I am beating my child- no I am not, just trying to be a good mother- most the time I try to bribe him and it doesn't work
5. visited Dad at school and we all enjoyed the break
can't you tell by his face he is not feeling well :(

6. will not no matter how hard we try sit straight in the grocery cart- always sitting sideways or halfway falling over- we gave up on trying to fix him because he prefers it that way- I am sure it is because he wants to see what's ahead of him

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