Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

1. fell down our friend's stairs and face planted and had a nice goose egg- I am positive I won mother of the year for that- broke my heart
2. scooting is a thing in the past :( I am happy he can crawl and get around better but the scoot was his signature move that everyone loved how cute it was and always commented on it...well, it will be missed
3. gives kisses-wet ones- but oh so good
 4. will stick out his tongue
5. can do the Indian chant on his own (move hand over his mouth and yell)
6. controls the game of peek-a-boo...he will cover his face with his blankie and pull it down while we say BOO!
7. The Y workers always comment about how such a great boy he is and that he is so quiet and plays by himself so well. ---Oh Austin, if only you could be that way with your Momma, but I am so happy and proud that you are nice and good for others.
Honestly, he is difficult and he LOVES his mom and can't stand it when I walk away to do anything. But I remind myself daily that he might not always want me so I must love every second of it and I do...most the time ;)

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Katie Matthews said...

That is so cute that he can already give kisses. He seems like a fun boy.