Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

1. why haven't I put him on a swing at the park until now? HE LOVED IT! he had such a cheesy grin the whole time and why didn't I have my camera!
2. since I can't do anything alone I make him do the chores with me- so he helped destroyed my folded laundry but he absolutely loved me carrying him around in the basket and throwing the clothes out

3. quiet for too long..........

4. will push his lips into a giant kiss face when he eats something sometimes- so funny
5. will point at us- for example: when Gary gets him at of bed and they come to wake me up they stand at the end of the bed and Gary will call "momma" and then Austin will point at me
6. was a HUGE hit with the Benham grandparents and Aunts this past week. We sure do miss them already and we can't wait until Christmas.
Austin was so exhausted from our weekend that he fell asleep while Beth fed him
7. Gary and I heard this horrible noise coming from Austin's mouth one night and it sounded kinda like he had something in there that shouldn't be...well not the case just 2 new teeth that he was grinding! He cut the 2 up top but on one side...so he will have a lopsided smile:)
8. developed this huge cheesy grin- it just melts my heart how cute it is
9. had his 9 month check up
34% weight
95% height
we have a very tall and slender boy on our hands
10. everyone comments about how expressive and friendly he is for only being 9 months
11. and lets not forget he pulled the fire alarm at church on Sunday- someone wasn't paying attention while he was holding HIS child :):):):)

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jess said...

That's all you're going to say about the fire alarm?! You can't just leave us hanging like that :) I need more details.