Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Gary had all of the normal Thanksgiving days off so we decided to take advantage of the time.
My brother, Kyle and his wife Jenny live in Oklahoma and they bought a house and a dog which we no one has seen yet from the family.
So we graced them with our presents and had a blast.
Austin adjusted to his new surroundings just fine.
He just had to warm up to Sandy and that didn't take too long.
When Sandy was outside Austin would just sit by the sliding glass door and point and squeal over her.
The last night we were there we actually let the two interact and Sandy was well behaved.

We arrived Tuesday night so we could have as much time with them as possible.
Wednesday Jenny and I headed off to Walmart to buy all the last minute Thanksgiving dinner preparations.
The boys played fifa(drank Pepsi) and we had delicious greasy tacos(Benham favorite) for dinner with Pepsi.
Thursday we slept and had a tasty meal. 
Tons of turkey, stuffing, mash potatoes, pie, and Pepsi!
everyone working to get the meal ready
Later that night Jenny and I did black Friday shopping.
First time for me!
And it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be.
We were home by 11pm because all stores opened early.
Friday we did more shopping, eating, Pepsi drinking, and the girls hit up Twilight and the boys saw Bond.
Saturday more eating, sleeping, watching football, and just enjoying the time together while drinking Pepsi(do you see a trend here).
That night we went to Freddy's(Midwest steak burger chain) and it was great.
Sunday we headed home:( Austin did great on the rides, better than expected...just cannot wait until he can sit forward facing!
Thanks Kyle and Jenny for hosting us! Your house is beautiful and Sandy is fun(but I still do not want a pet).

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Nicole and Garrett said...

Looks like fun! Austin is getting so big and cute. I love this age for babies. So how are you liking life outside of Utah?