Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

1. will pick up food/binkie with his mouth. Gary tried to teach him to use his hands one night and it took a while for him to get it. He got very frustrated. I blame this one me...I don't like his hands or face messy so I just always place things in his mouth for him.
2. has a biting habit that we are not sure exactly what to do about. He has bitten Gary and I hard a few times. 
3. will not leave my shoes and umbrella alone. I just welcome people into my door with a pile of shoes:)

4. feeding this child adult food is a patience building exercise for me. he has not eaten anything for me except a cheese quesdila. He just loves his baby food!
5. on Monday we went to the doctor for an ear check and the little buddy has another ear infection! so we are on antibiotics again:(
6. we went to the BYU vs. Iowa State game on Saturday and from here on out Austin is not invited to another game until he can sit the whole time. Oh my word was it scary! He just wanted to crawl and than that turned into being a cranky, sleepy baby.
7. just started saying ma ma...and we are pretty sure he knows what it means...melts my heart!

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