Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

1. squeals/screams really high pitch and loud if he wants something, something is taken away, and he just loves to hear him self
2. when we pick him up sometimes he will kick his feet in frustration
3. his temper is increasing...yikes!
4. oh my goodness this child is friendly...but he is weird.
he will go up to anyone and introduce himself and make himself comfortable on their lap
(for example: church-crawled under the pew and a nice grandma picked him right up and they exchanged smiles and cuddles...does not freak out or crawls under the teachers desk in Sunday school and smiles at everyone)
when I drop him off at the Y he totally freaks out and starts crying hysterically!
I am starting to think he is only friendly when Mom or Dad is around and he knows/or thinks they are not going anywhere.
5. is starting to grow a mullet, at least it is something
6. has taken a total of 2 steps on his own
didn't take any pictures this week, so here is an old one
it just isn't fair that they grow up so fast

1 comment:

Katie Matthews said...

I say you should keep the mullet going. When it gets long enough, braid it into a rat tail. He will fit in when you guys visit Brigham.