Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits

1. fell down the stairs at other people's houses twice.(Mother of the Year!- I promise I try to prevent it) I felt so bad and I am determined to teach you how to go down them at Grandma's when we are there.
2. I left to go shopping with a friend an hour before your bed time and before I even walked out the door you could tell something wasn't right and started clingy to me like a vine. Well, once I walked out the door I could hear you crying the saddest cry that it broke my heart and warmed it knowing you love me so much. Unfortunately, Dad said you never calmed down so he just had to put you to bed. It's true... I hardly ever leave you and you just don't know what to do when I do.
3. You are scheduled to have ear tubes in February, I am looking forward to it. We are on number 7 for ear infections since October....poor thing. Every mother who has gone through this praises the heavens for creating such a surgery... I hope I will too.
4. Nervous to fly on a plane with you alone next week.... You are so busy and confined spaces bring out the worst in you!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dear Austin,

 You are 1.
You have been in our lives for a whole year.
I can truly tell you that year went too fast.
But definitely there were days that went by too slow for the both of us.
During those hard days I would catch myself wishing for an older Austin and then I would have to sharply remind myself that I am not allowed to wish my son's days away.
So I have stopped.
 Because I am wishing for those days back!
 Your Dad and I look back at photos of you often and we love to remember how you use to be.
You were my tiny big man that shocked everyone with his muscles when you made your entrance.
That first night you made us parents we kept saying over and over again to each other as we held you,
"how did we get so lucky to get a cute one?"
That's right.
We thought you were perfect.
You still are.
 I know as I raise you I will always believe so, regardless of the mistakes you will make along the way.
(because you will make mistakes- you come from bonehead parents, sorry)
I also firmly believe that you are extremely special.
There have been numerous occasions your Dad and I have had that witnessed to us.
One occasion was recently while you and I were waiting to board a plan to Las Vegas for Christmas.
You were being your usual self.
I was trying to contain you and during that time noticed a woman crying behind us.
I swear you noticed too and you captured that woman's eyes with your infectious smile that she couldn't resist interacting with you.
You continued to flirt with her as she wiped her tears away and smiled back.
I gave her smile and in that moment I had overwhelming feeling come over me.
 Austin, you were born to make others smile regardless of who it is and whether you know what they are going through.
At that moment I knew that was a huge purpose Heavenly Father put you in my life.
(besides that fact I was lacking in patience)
Your Dad blessed you to be a friend to everyone and to have a tender heart for others.
It's amazing that just at such a young age you already are completing that assignment.
 We have many hopes and dreams for you Austin,
bu one thing we hope above all is for you to know you are loved.
 Dad and I love you unconditionally, even during those moments you have doubts(like when we won't give you any more chocolate). We will always be there for you to help navigate this life.
We especially want you to know that Heavenly Father and Jesus love you regardless of anything you do or don't do in this life.
We thank them everyday that they entrusted us with you and we pray everyday hoping we aren't messing up too bad.
Thanks for being the first and makeing us parents!
The future siblings will be grateful for all you had to endure with us new timers.
Thank you little man most of all for letting us love you and making us a true family.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits

1. walks 100%
2. can find dad's belly button and when you "push" it in you expect it to do something like a normal button so Dad usually makes funny noises
3. another molar is making its way through...I also see an upper canine trying to pop through too
4. you wave bye bye to Dad every morning as he leaves... you don't cry anymore 
5. loves music and especially loves to dance to it
6. the new toy Grandma Kaye got you sings Old McDonald and I am officially sick of it but to you it seems to never grow old

7. lately you will climb on the couch and sit down and then throw your whole body into the couch so you bounce back and then you keep on bouncy and you love it! Your Dad and I just hope it isn't causing brain damage.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sesame Street Party!

Austin turned the big 1 on Sunday so we had a party to celebrate the Saturday before.
I had been planning this party probably 5 months after he was born.
Gary grew up watching Sesame Street and often tells people that it was his babysitter.
So naturally Austin watches Sesame Street youtube clips with Gary on a daily occasion.
I started pinning ideas and creating in my mind what I had planned.
It was really stressful (I haven't planned something like this in a long time) but tons of fun watching all my ideas come together.
We only invited a few couples since we are on a lovely Medical School budget for lunch and a party!
I understand that Austin is only turning 1 and he won't remember it but I will!
And come on!
We need to celebrate that we kept this child alive for a whole year!
Party on!

Happy Birthday Austin!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits

1. walks 75% of the time now
2. was sleeping incredible and then fall off the deep end... the 4:30am wake up call was not appreciated
3. you had quite the big weekend with it being your Birthday!
spoiled it all I have to say
4. when you want to get our attention you will put your face and inch away from ours and smile!
Your dad and I find it so funny.
5. Doctor's appointment went great! 4 shots hurt...finger poke after didn't even affect you.
height: 31 1/2in- 96%
weight: 20.12lbs- 41%
head: 183/4in- 88%
6. you had your one year pictures and you were an angel!
Sneak peak!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Austin Month By Month

1 Month
2 Months

3 Months
4 Months
5 Months
6 Months
7 Months
8 Months
9 Months
10 Months
11 Months

12 Months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so sad to see these pictures end. I copied this idea from another person's blog and I am so happy I stuck with it. It is amazing to see the changes and to have a fun snapshot at each age. I plan to do this with my future kids but I am not sure Mr. Bear will make it through.

12 Months Old

11 Months

12 Months

Christmas Morning

If you haven't heard my family came down with the stomach bug during Christmas.
Austin was completely miserable for most of the time we were in Utah until the last 2 days.
He brought the stomach bug, followed by an ear infection, a raging fever a few days later, no sleeping, another ear infection, and still the most unhappy baby ever.
Well comes to find out he cut 2 teeth and one of those being a molar.
Most likely he will need to get tubes. At first I wasn't liking the idea but after the month of December I say BRING IT ON!
Nothing is worst then seeing and dealing with a really sick baby.
Now that we are home and no teething going on it is like someone gave my child a Pepsi!
He doesn't stop moving, smiling, and driving me crazy(in a great way)!
So that is the short version of what it was like over Christmas break.
All I know is I never want to clean up or be vomited on that much ever again!(TMI?)
So back to Christmas Morning.
Gary was sick with the nasty bug on Christmas Eve and was feeling great by morning so we were all feeling ok.
Austin was adorable to watch.
Still too young but just as magical as ever watching him.
I made him his first Christmas PJ's.
And plan on doing it as a tradtion.
So on to tons of photos.
Santa Came!
Checking everything out!
"hey Mom, I found this and can I eat it?"

This present he was the most excited about.
Mom gave in. He loved it. Pink bib was the only clean one.

I made these headbands for all the girls!

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits

1. is walking all over the place- but will only do it if Dad is around..stinker
2. first molar came through over Christmas break- worst thing ever! I am tired of teething
3. threw his first major tantrum over chocolate- Gary and I couldn't stop laughing because he was devastated that we wouldn't give him more

4. when he wants us to follow him he waves his hand in the "follow" motion- it was really funny at church when he kept doing it sacrament meeting
5. during our lay over in Chicago we let him crawl around to get energy out and everyone was loving him! He seriously can make anyone's day with his grin of him. There was one couple that kept walking by to just come see him.
6. he is a binky boy! and we lost the only one we had at the airport for him...oh it was a long flight...so we went and bought more and he was in heaven

7. sometimes it isn't worth the fight and you give in...he had a blast

8. LOVES to wrestle. When Dad comes home it is like all of sudden my baby turns into a toddler and they just play and play like crazy. Probably my favorite thing he does right now because he is so extremely happy and just giggles non stop.