Sunday, January 13, 2013

Christmas Morning

If you haven't heard my family came down with the stomach bug during Christmas.
Austin was completely miserable for most of the time we were in Utah until the last 2 days.
He brought the stomach bug, followed by an ear infection, a raging fever a few days later, no sleeping, another ear infection, and still the most unhappy baby ever.
Well comes to find out he cut 2 teeth and one of those being a molar.
Most likely he will need to get tubes. At first I wasn't liking the idea but after the month of December I say BRING IT ON!
Nothing is worst then seeing and dealing with a really sick baby.
Now that we are home and no teething going on it is like someone gave my child a Pepsi!
He doesn't stop moving, smiling, and driving me crazy(in a great way)!
So that is the short version of what it was like over Christmas break.
All I know is I never want to clean up or be vomited on that much ever again!(TMI?)
So back to Christmas Morning.
Gary was sick with the nasty bug on Christmas Eve and was feeling great by morning so we were all feeling ok.
Austin was adorable to watch.
Still too young but just as magical as ever watching him.
I made him his first Christmas PJ's.
And plan on doing it as a tradtion.
So on to tons of photos.
Santa Came!
Checking everything out!
"hey Mom, I found this and can I eat it?"

This present he was the most excited about.
Mom gave in. He loved it. Pink bib was the only clean one.

I made these headbands for all the girls!

Merry Christmas!

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