Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sesame Street Party!

Austin turned the big 1 on Sunday so we had a party to celebrate the Saturday before.
I had been planning this party probably 5 months after he was born.
Gary grew up watching Sesame Street and often tells people that it was his babysitter.
So naturally Austin watches Sesame Street youtube clips with Gary on a daily occasion.
I started pinning ideas and creating in my mind what I had planned.
It was really stressful (I haven't planned something like this in a long time) but tons of fun watching all my ideas come together.
We only invited a few couples since we are on a lovely Medical School budget for lunch and a party!
I understand that Austin is only turning 1 and he won't remember it but I will!
And come on!
We need to celebrate that we kept this child alive for a whole year!
Party on!

Happy Birthday Austin!


Nicole and Garrett said...

Austin looks like he had a good time! Such blue frosting. You are so creative!

Erinn Meyer said...

You rock, Mama!