Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits

1. is walking all over the place- but will only do it if Dad is around..stinker
2. first molar came through over Christmas break- worst thing ever! I am tired of teething
3. threw his first major tantrum over chocolate- Gary and I couldn't stop laughing because he was devastated that we wouldn't give him more

4. when he wants us to follow him he waves his hand in the "follow" motion- it was really funny at church when he kept doing it sacrament meeting
5. during our lay over in Chicago we let him crawl around to get energy out and everyone was loving him! He seriously can make anyone's day with his grin of him. There was one couple that kept walking by to just come see him.
6. he is a binky boy! and we lost the only one we had at the airport for him...oh it was a long flight...so we went and bought more and he was in heaven

7. sometimes it isn't worth the fight and you give in...he had a blast

8. LOVES to wrestle. When Dad comes home it is like all of sudden my baby turns into a toddler and they just play and play like crazy. Probably my favorite thing he does right now because he is so extremely happy and just giggles non stop.

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