Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits

1. walks 100%
2. can find dad's belly button and when you "push" it in you expect it to do something like a normal button so Dad usually makes funny noises
3. another molar is making its way through...I also see an upper canine trying to pop through too
4. you wave bye bye to Dad every morning as he leaves... you don't cry anymore 
5. loves music and especially loves to dance to it
6. the new toy Grandma Kaye got you sings Old McDonald and I am officially sick of it but to you it seems to never grow old

7. lately you will climb on the couch and sit down and then throw your whole body into the couch so you bounce back and then you keep on bouncy and you love it! Your Dad and I just hope it isn't causing brain damage.

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