Sunday, February 24, 2013

Computer broke

That's right, our 7 month old computer died on us.
That is the reason I have not been blogging.
I am not very happy about it and all I can say is back up your hard drive weekly!
Thankfully, we will not lose pictures or video since we have copies of them somewhere but my organization is gone and my budgets are gone!
Guess I don't have to follow a budget anymore! Jk
Austin has changed so much this month and I am so sad I can't write and post pictures like usual. 
The iPad works for small updates and since I have nothing to do now I will do s big post minus photos.
1. Austin and my trip back home to Saint George for my brother's homecoming was a nice vacation, however the plane ride there and home was horrible. I hope to never relive those hours ever again. Therefore I am boycotting flying alone with a baby. I do not recommend it!! I was that mother who got looks, comments, and probably never ever stories for the people who I sat next to. I will admit Austin was not the best behaved but he is one and confined in a 2 foot space....give this child and mother a break! K, done with that.
2. Grandpa Brady taught him how to go down the stairs!! I don't know how he did it because we tried  before but he most have the special touch! Or wisdom:)
3. Loves pets. He wouldn't leave Paws(the cat) alone at home. He can now say kitty but it sounds like "itty".
4. He also saids please "ease" and drink "ink"
5. Is starting to recognize words like and coat to name a few
6. Ear tube surgery was a breeze and it was worth it!! My child is sleeping through the night and it is true sleeping through the night! 8pm to 7am!! I swear it is because of tubes, the doctor said he had tons of fluid in his ear drum that they drained.
7. Now that my child is sleeping...yes, people my one year is finally sleeping through the night! Miracles do come true! He is only taking one nap a day at 1 pm that last 2 to 3 hours.
8. Loves piggy back rides and hide and go seek before bed.
9. The night after a snowstorm this week I was planning on not going any where but Austin had other plans! He brought me his shoes and begged me to put them on. So I did followed by him begging me to go outside so I bundled him up and we went. He loved it! And it was freezing so I only lasted 5 minutes! I brought him indoors and complete tantrum took over his body. So after nap time I bundled him up again and we went to play in the couldn't wipe that smile off his face! He is 
definitely his Father's child. After 30 min and a little boy shaking we went indoors to experience another tantrum! Maybe again next week....
10. Diaper changing and getting in the carseat are on the dread list. He is such a fighter.
11. But oh so sweet too... He blows kisses! He melts people's hearts when he is on his "A" game.
12. He goes to bed easily.
Alright we'll my fingers hurt... And this post is already too long without pictures.
But for now...which might be a long is killing me.

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