Monday, March 25, 2013

One year older!

That's right, I had a birthday.
And it was awesome.
Since Gary was on Spring Break we decided to treat ourselves and go to Omaha
and visit some friends of ours.
Dave, Erinn, and Ren were great hosts! 
We really appreciated them letting us come chill and party with them.
Erinn was too nice and went all out making cinnamon rolls, buying me a pepsi, and hanging up a Birthday banner.
I was getting spoiled right from the beginning!
I really wanted to do something fun with Austin but the weather had other ideas.
We packed up and went to this Welcoming Center that had tons of things for little kids to do but unfortunately since school was closed that day so was the center.
So we headed to Chick-fil-la for lunch and Austin got a balloon.
He was in Heaven and I was happy he was happy.
(Birthdays sure do change when you are a Mom)
We went home for naps and a few hours later during that time we got a knock on the door.
It was Pizza Hut!
My amazing brother, Nate, ordered pizza for all of us!
He is such a stud! 
Later that night we picked up Dave from work and traveled to the West side of Omaha to go to the Cheesecake Factory.
It did not disappoint.
 Followed by going to the mall to let Austin run around crazy!
 Traveled back to Erinn and Dave's and watched some basketball and hit the sack.
My birthday day was exactly what I needed!
Thanks to the Meyers, Nate, and Gary for making it so special!

PS: Gary gave me Photoshop elements 11? Anyone nowhere to even begin?
I am excited to learn but I already wanted to pull my hair out last night trying!!!

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sarahspencer said...

Happy late birthday!!! Speaking of which.... remember your first birthday in St. George when your mom wanted to surprise you with a birthday lunch with all our pals? Remember how I totally blew the surprise by parking right in front of your house? Epic fail. I still owe you for ruining that surprise! P.S. I can't believe how big Austin is getting!