Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits

1. did I mention this boy loves outside? I am pretty sure we are going to be quite the Indians this summer. As of now we are white ghost, enjoying a lot of white snow.

2. Loves to mix...like pretending he is mixing a bowl of brownies like Mom.
3. Cooking with him is getting a little scary. He loves to be involved and that usually results in him sitting on the counter or standing on a chair(of course with supervision...kinda...remember I am trying to cook!). He will not under any circumstance allow me to cook while at my feet, he goes biz-ark!
4. Hates the Y. I have to hand him over to some sweet lady kicking and screaming and then I pick him up with tears still streaming down his face and all blotchy. I feel extremely guilty about it but I know that the break is good for both of us, right?
5. Took him swimming and you would have thought I was the greatest mother ever with the grin he had glued to his face. I am going to try and go weekly until summer...and then everyday!!!
6. I already mentioned this but I have a picture of it!
I can't get down on all fours unless I want a rider!
7. "OH NO"

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