Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits

1. his last one year old molar has popped through!
2. he will sit and watch ELMO youtube clips all day if we let him, it has been so nice to have something he will sit and watch while I try to get some cleaning done without Mr. Disaster behind me!
3. total boy- watched the snow plows one morning and thought it was so cool!
4. to get out of the house and to avoid the cold we went to Costco one night and played hide and go-seek. Yes we are desperate around here! We also went to the mall 3 times to play and swimming.
5. his favorite spot for hide and go-seek is in the blinds! He thinks he is so sneaky!

6. I bought some plastic Easter eggs at the dollar store and it was the best $1 investment! He loves to dump them all out and put them back into the bucket.
7. I told you he loves to mix!

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