Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits

1. Realized the toilet seat comes up and found my hair brush and decided to use it as a mixer:)
2. Loving this gorgeous weather and got a little tan
3. Says "bye" usually 10 seconds too late everytime but at least I get to hear his adorable voice. He will not leave the playground without saying "bye" to everything like bye slide, bye stairs, bye grass... Get the picture? I usually have to pick him up and start walking or we'd be there all day saying"bye"
4.  One day he showed Gary and I up because we forgot to say the prayer(oops) and Austin kinda squawked at us with his  arms folded! Haha Gary and I were dieing....good thing we have him to keep us on the straight and narrow!
5. Right canines are coming in= grumpy boy= runny nose= horrible sleep...but no ear infection:)
6. He has a farm animal toy my mom got him for his birthday and he is starting to copy the noises...the rooster is his favorite!
7. loves to check the mail, and he must be holding the keys

pointing at the dog

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tuesday TIdbits

1. Oops! Slid face first into the mud!
So how did this happen? Well, Austin went down the slide first and then dad followed right after him but Austin was too quick and off he slid into the mud! Gary and I were laughing so hard that Austin started smiling and thought he had done something cool. It was the highlight of our day.
2. made it through the whole hour of Releif Society, can't remember the last time that happened...3 months until nursery.
3. he has been folding his arms for the prayer for awhile and sometimes beats us to it...but one day we caught him putting his head down too!
4. I bought him a  Superman baseball cap for the summer to prevent burns on his blonde head... so far he won't keep it on long enough to just get a picture....waste of money?
5. gives full on smooches now :)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits

1. got new pajamas that have Elmo and Thomas the Train on them and he gets so excited when I pull them out! Never seen him so happy to get clothes on! I just think his reaction to them is the cutest thing.

2. it is official- we are in the market for a toddler basketball hoop- he is mesmerized by basketballs that when we go to the park and someone is paying basketball all he wants to do is watch and then join them. So out friends have a hoop and he loves it and will clap after he shoots it in. He is getting so much fun!
3. still sleeping like a champ but will occasionally wake up at 6am(this mom doesn't do 6am) so on those days he gets to talk to himself for an hour
4. went to his 15month check up yesterday- everything looks great
height: 33in 97%
weight: 23lbs 6oz 60%
head circumference: 19in 88%
5.shots didn't go well- totally knew what was coming and then the rest of the day was completely miserable- only want to cuddle and cry:(
6. loves eating with a fork! he will eat anything if he can eat it with a fork! whatever little man!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits

1. is getting really good at pointing at the correct body parts
2. amazes us with how much he notices the things we do everyday- yesterday he picked up his used diaper before I could and went to throw it away
3. has feelings/gaining more feelings- he will now react if we get upset with him, he wont stop crying until we apologize to him
4. was sick over the weekend with a high temperature and not wanting to eat... probably teething again!
5. my little dare devil ate some dirt literally! you know how I mentioned that he loves to go down head first on slides? well, he was Mr. Speedy and got to the slide and jumped right onto it before I could run around and catch him. Needless to say, he slid right off head first in to the mud! He was spitting mud out for awhile!
6. The Easter Egg Hunt was a hit at the local park!

7. I know I am biased, but gosh dang it! He is too cute!