Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits

1. is getting really good at pointing at the correct body parts
2. amazes us with how much he notices the things we do everyday- yesterday he picked up his used diaper before I could and went to throw it away
3. has feelings/gaining more feelings- he will now react if we get upset with him, he wont stop crying until we apologize to him
4. was sick over the weekend with a high temperature and not wanting to eat... probably teething again!
5. my little dare devil ate some dirt literally! you know how I mentioned that he loves to go down head first on slides? well, he was Mr. Speedy and got to the slide and jumped right onto it before I could run around and catch him. Needless to say, he slid right off head first in to the mud! He was spitting mud out for awhile!
6. The Easter Egg Hunt was a hit at the local park!

7. I know I am biased, but gosh dang it! He is too cute!

1 comment:

Katie Matthews said...

Carly you don't have to be bias. That kid is cute. I love the colors of his Easter outfit and bow ties are irresistible.