Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tuesday TIdbits

1. Oops! Slid face first into the mud!
So how did this happen? Well, Austin went down the slide first and then dad followed right after him but Austin was too quick and off he slid into the mud! Gary and I were laughing so hard that Austin started smiling and thought he had done something cool. It was the highlight of our day.
2. made it through the whole hour of Releif Society, can't remember the last time that happened...3 months until nursery.
3. he has been folding his arms for the prayer for awhile and sometimes beats us to it...but one day we caught him putting his head down too!
4. I bought him a  Superman baseball cap for the summer to prevent burns on his blonde head... so far he won't keep it on long enough to just get a picture....waste of money?
5. gives full on smooches now :)

1 comment:

sarahspencer said...

I think that picture is probably my favorite one of him so far. You guys are the coolest parents!