Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits

1. Says "uh oh" in the right way, so dang cute!
2. Gave himself a hair wash with yogurt one day... This independence of feeding himself is sure turning out to be messy.
3. Had a hearing appt and failed in his left ear but they say it because the tube is clogged...has appt with the ENT next week to fix it. 
4. Ran into the wall on Sunday and then the door on Monday, it is a good thing he has such a hard head and a tuff body.
5. Super fast, I am sure I have some track meets in my future I will be watching. I am pretty sure that is why he runs into everything all the time. Only has one speed...fast.
6. Also thinks he is big. We can't go to the playground at our complex anymore unless we plan on him trying to play basketball with the older kids. Thankfully, the kids are nice and respectful and will let him have the ball once in awhile so he can shoot. He goes after any ball, quite the rebounder we have! When we tell him it is time to go or try to get him to go down the slide he throws a fit. I wish their was such a thing as a basketball team for1 year olds because Austin would love it! Also he knows the church has a hoop......crazy kid!

No pictures for awhile...our desktop is shipped off to never neverland:(

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits

1. has no fear- fell off the playground and was on it the next day(I swear I watch him!)
before Austin walked out the door he wanted his hat to be like dad-such twins

2. was wearing a romper outfit and some how took off his really dirty diaper. I was sitting on the couch and Gary went to check on "quiet" Austin. Gary comes out to living room holding the dirty diaper yellling, "Why does Austin have an open dirty diaper?" I of course of have no idea and wondering if I didn't throw an old one away but I am positive I did. I got into the bathroom wear Austin is and unbutton him and sure enough there is no diaper and a bear stinky bum. Thankfully, that is the end of the story and we threw him into the bath. We still have no idea how he maneuvered it!
3. loves for people to "get him" or tickle him. What makes him laugh is getting chased or wrestled not the tickling.
4. he'll give me a kiss and walk towards the door and wave and say "buh bye". He's a smart little one.
5. decided not to take a nap on Sunday so we went on a drive to see the ducks- unfortunately, he found the portable bathrooms and thought those looked more fun-gross

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits

1. throwing the biggest tantrums lately. I am learning to ignore.
2.  loves having us read to him. He has 2 favorite books 1. Doggies 2. Are you my Mother?
3.I bought him a Thomas shirt and showed it to him when he woke up and you would have thought it was Christmas he loved it! It was a feel good mother moment.
4. woke up at 5:45am on Mother's Day
5. insists on feeding himself. We are not allowed to help. 
I am sure most the ketchup ended up on his face rather then in his mouth.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

5th Annviersary

Wow! A lot has happened in five years. If someone were tell me 5 years ago I'd be sitting in Iowa with snow falling down I probably would have cried. Unfortunately, I did shed a little tear on our big day because I couldn't take my outdoor loving son to play on the playground but he got over it and so did I.
This anniversary was pretty low key since Gary is in his last month of school for his 1st year with many tests approaching. Our friends watched Austin so we could have 2 hours of peace at my favorite restaurant, the Cheesecake Factory. We also went and had my ring cleaned and I tried on some diamonds:)
(side store: when I handed my ring over to the worker she asked when the wedding was, haha. I replied that we are already married and we are celebrating our anniversary actually. She looked completely shocked, followed by how many years? 5 years! Lets just say her face got an even more puzzled look on it.....and then followed the conversation that we are from Utah... haha)
 I need to have my ring cleaned more often, it did wonders! Sparkled like new again!
And since I forgot my camera we did a self timer one at home.
It was a great night and we finished it by watching our wedding video...
we were such kids when we got married.
Good thing though! I can't imagine life without my better half along for the ride!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits

1. Eating lately has been hit and miss...but a lot more misses.
2. runny nose all last week and still hasn't stoped
3. got a gift from Grandpa Allen and is in love with it. Such a boy!
Now we need to teach him how to shoot so we don't have to pick him up everytime.
unfortunately, this is the only picture that turned out so I will take more of our little boy in action!
4. obsessed with the plunger(gross). I hid it and he found it a day later!
5. Thomas the Train is slowly replacing Elmo as his favorite YOUTUBE watches.