Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits

1. has no fear- fell off the playground and was on it the next day(I swear I watch him!)
before Austin walked out the door he wanted his hat to be like dad-such twins

2. was wearing a romper outfit and some how took off his really dirty diaper. I was sitting on the couch and Gary went to check on "quiet" Austin. Gary comes out to living room holding the dirty diaper yellling, "Why does Austin have an open dirty diaper?" I of course of have no idea and wondering if I didn't throw an old one away but I am positive I did. I got into the bathroom wear Austin is and unbutton him and sure enough there is no diaper and a bear stinky bum. Thankfully, that is the end of the story and we threw him into the bath. We still have no idea how he maneuvered it!
3. loves for people to "get him" or tickle him. What makes him laugh is getting chased or wrestled not the tickling.
4. he'll give me a kiss and walk towards the door and wave and say "buh bye". He's a smart little one.
5. decided not to take a nap on Sunday so we went on a drive to see the ducks- unfortunately, he found the portable bathrooms and thought those looked more fun-gross

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