Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits

1. Says "uh oh" in the right way, so dang cute!
2. Gave himself a hair wash with yogurt one day... This independence of feeding himself is sure turning out to be messy.
3. Had a hearing appt and failed in his left ear but they say it because the tube is clogged...has appt with the ENT next week to fix it. 
4. Ran into the wall on Sunday and then the door on Monday, it is a good thing he has such a hard head and a tuff body.
5. Super fast, I am sure I have some track meets in my future I will be watching. I am pretty sure that is why he runs into everything all the time. Only has one speed...fast.
6. Also thinks he is big. We can't go to the playground at our complex anymore unless we plan on him trying to play basketball with the older kids. Thankfully, the kids are nice and respectful and will let him have the ball once in awhile so he can shoot. He goes after any ball, quite the rebounder we have! When we tell him it is time to go or try to get him to go down the slide he throws a fit. I wish their was such a thing as a basketball team for1 year olds because Austin would love it! Also he knows the church has a hoop......crazy kid!

No pictures for awhile...our desktop is shipped off to never neverland:(

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