Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits

1. Dad is home all the time and this little boy is in heaven! So is his mom!
2. Went to the ENT- ear tube is not clogged anymore but still failed the hearing test on his left side...so now we will have a more intensive hearing test done at the end of the summer at the children's hospital. Not what we wanted to hear but again the doctor told us that even if he doesn't have great hearing on one side but normal hearing on the other it wont delay him in anything. That was kinda comforting and we also know we have much to be grateful for that it is just that.
3. We also had another appt with the dermatologist for his "side ponytail". It is never great if the doctor looks at you and says "interesting" followed by the nurse saying she has never heard the doctor say that term he just diagnosed your kid with. He then tells us he needs to go read up on it in a book and will be right back. We left with an order for an MRI. The MRI is all precautionary but most one year olds don't hold still and they put them to sleep, ugh. But again grateful we have the resources and that he is a healthy kid with just a few bumps along the way. We know our situation is nothing compared to others...just hard to take in when you think your child is perfect.
4. New word is "ba ball"- he always said ball but now he knows it is a basketball
5. Went to Nauvoo over the weekend and he was that best toddler the whole trip

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Erinn Meyer said...

Oh my goodness - Dad home all the time! That IS heaven. Sorry about the other stuff. Sounds like he is still as healthy and active and awesome as ever, though.