Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits

1. We got a second opinion on his side pony tail because the doctor and I didn't feel good about having an MRI on it at this point. Thankfully the second opinion doctor agreed! And I actually saw this doctor's face instead of the backside like last time.
2. Wouldn't eat a donut, which is odd because I am sure he has a device in his had that tells what is good or not. But on the note he won't eat much of anything lately.
3. I am trying to get him use to going to the Y again and the poor kid cries when he sees the building now. I am pretty determined that he just either get use to it or he'll just cry for an hour while I am gone...
(Am I to mean?)
4. Nursery would be great if he liked it and didn't cry the whole time too. So after the first day the teacher told me she couldn't handle his crying and that we need to be in there with him...
Ya that sent me threw the the roof! 
I might as well be the nursery leader at this point.
5. Went to the hot air balloon festival and he loved all the balls? At least that's what he mainly called them, a few times he'd call them the correct thing. There also was a train doing rides so of course we swallowed the $2 cost and took our choo choo loving boy for a ride. I can't count how many times he said choo choo and waved at everyone.
6. We got free Netflix for a month and now he thinks our tv is only for choo choo's... It will be hard transition when we lose it.
(Sorry no pictures...doing this on the iPad because our computer is getting fixed again, also my reason for not blogging along with being gone for the whole summer)

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