Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits

Our computer arrived today so maybe pictures next week if it is really fixed this time.
1. Thomas the Train is officially all we watch. I try to get him to branch out but he will not have anything to do with that non sense. 
2. Traveled to OKC for Uncle Kyle's graduation from pilot school and Abby's Blessing. He was an angel. However, we did throw a tantrum when I wouldn't let him run on those movable walk ways in the airport when we were about to board. 
3. I was thanking my lucky stars that our mini van we rented had a DVD player, it saved my rear end.  The first thing I did was go to Walmart and buy a Thomas the Train DVD.
4. He finally let s dog play with him! It was the cutest thin watching him and my brother's dog, Sandy, just play and play together. I couldn't believe how fast he adjusted to her....he has been scared of dogs since day one. He would just laugh and laugh when Sandy gave him kisses. I think Sandy equally if not more enjoyed having him around.
5. We got home last night a little before 2am when we should have gotten home at 11pm. Make a long story short my flight from OKC to Chicago was cancelled. So I hopped on a flight to St. Louis with only 10 minutes to catch my flight to Chicago. I made it it but my bags didn't. I landed in Chicago to find out my 1 hr layover turned into a 3 hour layover. My little buddy was a trooper and surprisingly really good considering all he was going through. I just love that boy of mine:)

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