Thursday, August 8, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits

1. He didn't eat dinner one night and we decided to follow what the doctor said about teaching him then you go hungry. Well, we were up with Austin until 10pm that night because he was starving and would not fall asleep. We gave in and let him have a bowl of cereal. He was out within 5min of eating it.
2. Threw up all over in the car again. On the bright side we know how to take apart the car seat to clean it! Downside- he ended up doing it again in his crib. I think it was bad milk that I had bought that day because he showed no signs of being sick and once we threw the milk away and got a new gallon he was abosolutey ok.
3. We took him to the Iowa State Fair and he was into the animals more this year than last but still didn't show the enthusiasm as we had expected. He did pet a cow and a little calf but it took a lot of courage.
4. He did better in nursery this time and we might try leaving him by him self in the next 2 weeks.
5. He had his BAER hearing test done in Monday and it went okay. I didn't want to do it but the doctor said it was a good idea...whatever. They gave him oral medication that makes you extremely tired in 20min and then you have about and hour once they fall asleep to do the test. Thankfully everything worked as planned and we were able to get it done. Austin does have probelms with his left ear with hearing lower frequencies but they won't do anything about unless it gets worse. So we will have him tested again in 6months but he won't have to be sedated. I guess it gave us a peace of mind kinda...except now I have to be worried about his speech!

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