Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits

1. We are officially done with the binky. I wasn't planning on taking it away any time soon but he kept chewing on them and ruin them that on Wednesday I had had enough! So I threaten to take them away forever and put them in my sock drawer. They are still there. He went to bed that night just fine! He did ask for it when we laid him down and then in the middle of the night he woke up crying for it but fell back to asleep. We almost caved on night 5 when he woke up and would not calm down. However, I didn't think I could handle taking it away again so we decided not to. Naps are going just fine. He did ask for it today when he hurt himself. My heart breaks thinking about it and how that stage of life is over. I loved binkys! I need to throw them away so I don't get reminded every morning that we are done- it has just made the fact that Austin is growing up real.
last picture I ever took with a binky in his mouth :(
 2. The picture above also shows our new hangout place- the library. They have that awesome train set, Lego table, and tons of puppets! We signed up for reading time and let's say Austin just wanted to leave so he could play with the trains:)
3. We taught him his neck and bum. Now we are working on elbow(which he can say clear as day, such an odd word coming from his mouth) and knees. I am not sure he forgot a lot of animal noises but he will never do them for me. We are working on that.
4. I know I have already mentioned his love for saying "buh bye" but he is getting more loud and less shy about it. I already told you how he screams it to me at the Y when I leave to exercise but now he does it all the time! It is really cute but sometimes he should say "Hi". Gary and I took him to the grocery store Saturday and he screamed at the top of his lungs and waved "buh bye" as we checkout. Everyone turns around and smiles and waves back. I don't get the option of being shy with this kid- he is going to force me out of my comfort zone everyday I can tell.
5. Bus-y bus 
He loves those bright yellow things! And one day I took him to the elementary school right when school was getting out just so we could 6 bus-y busses:) When he gets so excited about things like this I am just so  in love with having such a true boy!