Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tuesday tidbit

1. Has been less consistent with nap time. Some days he won't nap, other days he only sleeps a little, and then sometimes I wonder if he is ever going to wake up!
2. Grandpa and Grandma Allen came this past weekend and spoiled the boy rotten! I think he is still trying to get use to just having me around to entertain him.
3. We went to the local pumpkin path and he had a blast. It was really fun and he loved riding the choo choo (tractor). He also enjoyed the corn pit and washing his very own pumpkin!

4. Favorite book at the moment is Go Dog Go
5. Loves watching himself on my phone. I learned this trick from Grandma Allen and have already recorded severely clips of him and used them to keep him entertained and quiet when it is necessary.

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