Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits

1. look what he found- now he wont even stand in the cart or the car cart..grocery shopping with him is officially over:)
2. wouldn't wear his Halloween costume for me the first time and I was devastated but then second party we went to he wore it for 10min! That helped lift my spirits because of the hours I had spent on it.
3. has been crying at the Y and wouldn't let me leave nursery... stranger anxiety phase coming back?
4. he also has been waking up every night screaming bloody murder- one night Gary got him and Austin wasn't happy about it and was screaming out for me! He has never done that so I came out and cuddle him up and he fell asleep instantly- Gary's feelings got hurt just a tad
(is it nightmares?)
5. Sacrament meeting must signal in his head that it is time to run wild, we cannot keep him in the pew! No matter what I bring Gary and I cannot contain him. Seriously, there is only word to describe my child and it is wild.

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Kristy said...

Oh...Landon found those shopping carts but he threw a terrible fit and now isn't allowed to use it. It's so hard to shop with little boys who are very active. If we can't get him to fall asleep in the car before church we don't stay in the chapel. It's wild time for little boys apparently. I feel your pain.