Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits

1. The Lorax is scary to him. The dark parts with the bad boy in the shed talking made Austin shed real tears of fear! I have never seen him like that and his heart was racing a million beats per minute! I could feel it through his chest because he was gripping on to me for dear life! Poor kid is sensitive like his mother.
2. we are doing the crying out method again for bed time- it came out of the blue and now he refuses to go to bed without a fight
3. was giggling with a friend the other day in the car and it was the most precious sound I have ever heard
4. when we leave to go anywhere he must touch the pumpkins on our porch first
5. can finally reach the dead bolt on our front door so I went out and bought a child lock- he is less then impressed
6. he loves to stick his hands down his diaper- weirdo
(no pictures this week, I have been horrible about getting camera out)

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