Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits

1. his favorite candy is M&M but he he calls them N&Ns
2. hops all the time, it usually happens when he is excited about something but sometimes he will just hop from one thing to the next
3. does not like structured play- the minute he realizes that you are going to make him play a certain way you lose him so I thought he'd enjoy a tumbling class and I was wrong and he wanted out of there in 10min because he couldn't do what he wanted
4. loves Dumbo! he calls it Bumbo and loves the train and stork
5. he is a tough kid and bonks a lot but doesn't cry or if he does only for a little bit but it you hurt his feelings he remembers
6. found a new place to take my wild kid! It is called Backyard Adventures and they sell their wooden playgrounds and during weekdays they let the public play on them- his favorite playground was then one with a door and tall slide

 7. starting to be able to reason which is so NICE!
8. I am going to start duck taping his diaper to him (or buy onsies) if he doesn't stop putting his hands down his diaper! In the past 2 weeks he has managed to smear poop all over his crib twice! Gross and disgusting!
9. Gary and I are told at least once a day how fast our little boy is from friends and strangers- we know...we are the ones chasing him and trust me, I have big plans to put those little legs to work one day :) 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits

1. I received those "looks" last swimming class when Austin wouldn't do anything the teacher wanted him to do. He also will not walk to the slide even though the life guard yells at him and tells me he needs to walk (trust me I am yelling it to and have talked to him a million times about it). I am trying the best to contain my free spirited little boy but the "looks" aren't helpful nor kind. I think about how wild he is and I am just at a complete lost at what to do.
2. I wont even begin to describe our last cooking class- just glad it is over because we never really went anyways since it is right next to the gym with balls.
3. learned the word "clock" and loves to point them out where ever we go
4. starting to understand timeout
5. Halloween was so much fun! He wore his costume to a few houses (enough for me to get a picture) and then wanted it off so he could run from house to house. He was really cute to watch at the door, he picked up picking out his candy and putting it in his bag really fast. Sometimes the people would place the candy in his bag and he didn't like that, he wanted to grab the candy and put it in his bag. Maybe next year he might say trick or treat or thank you but this year Gary and I just repeated it over and over hoping he'd catch on. He always did notice if they had a dog and yelled buh bye to them. Another thing I want to remember is that if the bowl had M&M he'd get so excited and would show us. When we got home he new exactly what you did next:)