Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sunday Tidbits

1. We started potty training 2 weeks ago and it is still a work in progress. I love diapers...THE END.
2.  Halloween was really fun this year because Austin started catching on. He loved trick-or-treating and wanted to go again. It was a good thing we had trunk-or-treat the next night.
3. Since Austin didn't really understand the concept of Halloween until we started having parties he never picked something to be. I would ask him and he would tell me that he wants to be Austin. So, I picked him to be a doctor. He saw his cousins playing spider-man the 2 weeks before Halloween and all of a sudden he was telling everyone he was going to be spider-man. Oops. Too late- costume was bought. He was a cute doctor, even if he was spider-man in his heart.
4. We carved pumpkins and he didn't want anything to do with it once he saw the insides. He requested that Dad carve a happy pumpkin.
5. His vocabulary and general speaking has increase significantly! He still gets upset when we don't understand him and will try and explain it, which is really neat to watch his wheels turning in his brain.
Trick-or-Treat night
Trick-or-Treating with friends
Picking out the perfect pumpkin
Happy Pumpkin

His stash on trick-or-treating night

:Baby Boy #2:
1. I am now 26.2 weeks along and I forgot to ask Gary to take a picture.
2. I am feeling large and getting slightly uncomfortable, my back is starting to hurt.
3. LBJ doesn't move as often like Austin did.
4. I crave steak.
5. No names and not even close.

24.2 Weeks

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday Tidbits

1. We went to Center Grover Orchard twice this week and he was in total heaven! There was toy tractors, corn pit, tractor rides, huge slide, jumping pillow, and many other fun things!
2. He has been throwing up at least once a week from a gag reflux. It is the weirdest thing... if he gets anything remotely stuck in his throat he will throw-up and then that leads to full blown vomiting. So I am always on guard now.

3. He complains about putting toothpaste on his tooth brush every night.
4. He is starting to get better at playing by himself and his imagination is growing. I love this and hope he just gets better and better because he will not have a choice when baby brother comes.
5. Lately everything is "Where is ....?" which leads to another "where is ....?" Example:
Mom: We are going to go play with Emma today.
Austin: Where is Emma?
Mom: At her house.
Austin: Where is Emma's house?
Mom: By our house.
Austin: Where is our house?
Mom: In Iowa.
Austin: Where is Iowa?

Yes, I know the next thing that follows is "WHY"

:Baby Boy #2:
1. We finally decided on an official "womb" name.
Little Buddy Junior
2. His movements are becoming less popcorn sensation to full on limbs moving around.
3. I almost passed out at a bounce house place this week and that was kinda frightening, thankfully I didn't and Austin let me sit for awhile- I am pretty sure it was a combination of low blood sugar and dehydration.
4.My sciatic nerve will cause issues if I stay standing in one position for too long.
5. People still don't believe I am pregnant and I have to keep reminding them that I hide it(Hello! Austin!) and I will pop out an 8.9 lb baby by the time this pregnancy is over... just you see.
22.2 weeks

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday Tidbits

1. His love for garbage trucks is the cutest obession. Grandma Kaye fed that obsession and now we "dump" the "stinky garbage" all day.

2. He is copying the not so good phrases...
Mom: Austin I am going to kick your butt! (figuratively of course!)
Austin: I am going to kick your butt. (stops behind me and tries to kick me)
Mom: (instantly just laughed and decided Austin won the battle)

Mom:You are driving me up the wall!
Austin: Up the wall Mommy?
(again I laughed as he kept repeating it)

Dad: Knock it off Austin!
Austin: You knock it off!
(Austin won)
3. Can you tell he likes to push our buttons? He calls our bluff and loves to tease.
4. Grandpa and Grandma Allen came for 4 days and Austin was in heaven! He loved having 4 adults to entertain him! We got to ride on Dr. Z's "red truck", which he loved and talks about Dr. Z still to this day. We also went to the zoo and that is another one of his favorite things. It was a great few days and Austin is anxiously waiting for Grandpa and Grandma to come back again!

5. His favorite thing about General Conference was the songs. Every time a song came on he would immediately stop what he was doing and watch the choir- he loves church music. Whenever I turn on the radio he will tell me that he doesn't like "this song" and usually that ends with me turning the radio back off.

:Baby Boy #2:
1. It's A BOY!
 LBJ(womb name-stands for Little Buddy Junior) was not shy at all letting us know. So much so that Gary was pretty confident that he could have done that ultrasound.
2. He looked perfect and right on track.
3. LBJ does not move as much as Austin did.
4. Heartburn is in full force and my abs are not hurting anymore.
5. Cravings and appitite are back and it is dangerous. I want to eat everything but really can only eat a quarter of what I used too. (that was the same as Austin's pregnancy)
20.2 weeks

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday Tidbits

1. He started Joy School and Pre-School and is absolutely loving them both! I am loving the free time and nice break.
2. Gary and I started introducing him to a new movie each week so we can watch something different then Curious George. Cars was a big hit, Toy Story was an even bigger hit, and we watched Monsters tonight and he seemed to enjoy that one also.
3. I need to start carrying around a "funny" journal because he is starting to say things that Gary and I both die laughing about and then I can't remember.
4. I taught him Gary and my name- first parent mistake- now he does it all the time.
5. He is stuck on the letter "W". I try and teach him about the letters a little bit every day and without fail we must talk/find the "W". He has learned that if you just hang upside down the "M" turns into a "W". We were at an appointement the other day and all of a sudden he did a head stand so the "M" on the chalk board was a "W".
First Day of PreSchool

First Day of Joy School- missing a few

5 Little monkey's jumping on the Bed

He has been begging for a hat like Dad's and Gary bought him one.
He was so excited!

:Baby #2:
1. I feel as if my abs are being shredded and I am in so much pain. You know when you do a 100 crunches and the next day you can't even sneeze without screaming in pain- ya that is me... never had that with Austin
2.  I finally look pregnant
3. We find out what we are having this Thursday- Gary and I are split.
4. I started feeling baby move a few days before 17 weeks. This baby doesn't move as much as Austin and its "awake" time is after dinner. 
5. Austin is slowly coming around to the idea that their is a baby in Mommy's tummy but really he is probably still confused.
6. 19 weeks along
taken last week
18.2 weeks

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday Tidbits

1. He starts preschool this week and I have mixed emotions about it. I think this is a great opportunity for him to get out and to have something to do during the horrible winter ahead of us. He is an only child until February and he loves playing with other kids and lights up the minute that he makes a friend connection. I am just going to miss him like crazy!
2. He pretends he is a lion (and now dinosaur) all the time.
3. When Dad gets home from work they play "Take Down". Basically they just wrestle and Austin just repeats "take down" over and over. 
4. He visited the dentist this past week and it was a little better experience then last time. He let the hygienist brush his teeth but I still had to pin him down for the Dentist- and I got sucker punched by his foot into my belly(sorry baby).
5. We have made it three weeks in a row now that he has stayed in Sacrament Meeting the whole time! That has to be a record.
6. He has seen so many Ice Bucket Challenges that he now re-enacts Gary's video over and over. He does it in the bath but he also will dump his legos into his Easter basket(I never hid it) and act it out. I videoed him doing it and now he loves watching himself. Just by doing this we have taught him how to say his full name!
At the parade- none of the kids would look at us because they were so interested in their candy!
After the parade they had a Festival and he couldn't resist getting his picture taken on the backhoe
Train ride at the Zoo
Austin and his cute friend Lincoln at the Zoo

Our Lion/Dinosaur
  :Baby #2:
1. I had my 16 week appointment and the baby is still there...even after the sucker punch!
2. I am worried to say this but I think I am officially over morning sickness but wondering when my energy will come back.
3.  Gary and I talk about names often but really I don't love any. Hopefully, that will change once we find out what we are having.
4. I felt Austin moving at 17ish weeks so I am really excited for that soon.
5. I can still sleep on my belly.
Austin wanted to be apart of the "Cheese"
Gary made me take another one because he said I looked more pregnant in the last picture then I do recently.
16.2 weeks