Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tuesday Tidbits

1. starting to get interested in the potty- still not even thinking of when I will potty train but I take this as a good sign
2. calls the Planes movie Dusty
3. wants to zip up his own pjs
4. thinks anytime I get out my hand mixer he gets to lick the mixers, usually it is tasty stuff but one time it was mash potatoes and was totally loving it still?
5. is constantly telling Gary and I "I see, I see, I see"- that either means I actually do see something or I want to see something
6. loves helping- he will put the wet clothes in the dryer all day long if I let him

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tuesday Tidbits

1. He always says Dad is at "stool" (school) and Dad has to "study" and about 99% of the time he is right. However if you ask him if Momma should go to school or study he immediately protests! Haha, I am loved.
2. wants to do the dishes and play with the bubbles
3. loves nursery, begs to go all throughout sacrament meeting
4. he had a Thomas cake for his birthday and loved it so much he threw a tantrum when we wouldn't let him  drive the train on the cake
throwing the tantrum- its my birthday and I can cry if I want to

5. He 99% in height and 36% in weight.
6. is a big tease
7. everything is MINE or he tells you off by yelling NO

Monday, January 13, 2014

Dear Austin,

You are 2.
I had a friend who's little boy just turned 8 and she told me she never planned on having an 8 year old those many years ago, she just wanted a baby at the time and never did realize he would eventually not be a baby anymore. 
That is exactly how I feel.
You are growing up and I am sad to be gone with those baby years but I am so excited to watch you grow as a toddler.
The past year was a lot easier than your first year.
It's amazing how much you've accomplished and I am so happy I got to witness every milestone you hit.
Your personality has blossomed.
You are so forgiving.
Always want to have a good time.
Easy to love.
And a joy to others.
The night before your baby blessing your Dad and I discussed what we would wish you'd grow up to be as a person. I only had one strong impression, and that was that you'd be blessed to grow up to be kind to others and a joy for those who needed it most. 
This past year I saw numerous moments where you brought a smile to Heavenly Father's children.
Most of those smiles came from your Dad and I.
I am grateful that you came to our family.
I believe that you came to earth to teach us and that you knew along that you'd be sent to us and have to endure the many mistakes your Dad and I make as we learn how to parent.
(I personally think that is why you are so forgiving)
Be patient.
One day we might have it down,
and for that,
 I am so grateful I still have many, many more years
to figure it out with you!
Happy Birthday Austin.
You truly are a joy to others.


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tuesday Tidbits

1. Did awesome over Christmas break! For not sleeping in his own bed and not in his normal routine he was so good! He could have ate better but why try when you have unlimited access to grandma's cookies?
2. Now starts counting with two and quickly adds three.... Not sure where one went but we are working on it
3. Is speaking more and more, over the break his vocabulary just sky rocketed
4. Says hi and then growls at you... We can thank my sister for teaching him that
5. Starting to string his thoughts into words
Ex: dark=night night=snores
Taking clothes off=bath=hot=bubbles
Every item in our house is either dad's or mom's
5. Loved being able to go outside everyday in St. George
- my parent's neighbor has a huge golden retriever named Thor who we had to go visit all the time but Austin would never pet
- loved jumping on the tramp
- and the bounce house
-fed the ducks and he was having a grand time but only liked the ducks from a distance... Those ducks can be too friendly 
6. Made friends with his cousin Cyrus and they were really cute together
7. Always looking for the kitty at my parent's house- Paws did not like Austin 
8. Went sledding and liked the first 3 times down and then he was done. He wanted dad to always carry him back up the hill.